Cheap Shots at Heavenly Bodies


I been reading in the paper bout his fella here

says heís the Second Coming.

When I read about how he plans to save the world,

you know it sets my thoughts to running.

He says he plans to father a new race -

you know, I wonder if heís funning.

But I meditated hard, and suddenly

the veil was lifted and my eyes did see:

This guy ainít no messiah! the messiah is really me!


Iím the messiah, girls.Iím the messiah, girls.

Here to father the race divine.

All Godís children gotta be mine.

After the show just form a line.

Iím the messiah, girls.


Now I suppose youíre wondering just how you can

escape the impending doom.

Iíve got some secret knowledge I can give you -

I think I left it in my room.

Iím giving you a chance to be the bride of God,

and hey! guess whoís the groom!

But how can you expect to find yourself

imprisoned by those fancy clothes, and by all that wealth?

Donít worry - you can leave those things on my shelf.


Iím the messiah, girls.Iím the messiah, girls.

Saving my sisters from their slumbers

and all my brothers from their encumbers.

After the show just take a number.

Iím the messiah, girls.