Currency Carol

Words and Music © 1978 by Howard Ashby Kranz, bridge from Isaiah 6:9-10

    Em                                         B7                              

1. We came here following the star;

C                                           A7                             

it hangs above our heads; it bends our knees

Em                                B7                                             

And angel voices from afar

 C                                                      A7                      C      G

whisper in shades of green through silver trees, sing Gloria!


    Em                                         B7                              

2.  A small child shivers in the cold

C                                           A7                             

O let us bring him gold and frankincense!

Em                                B7                                             

Ascarlet vison,centuries old,

 C                                    A7                       C      G

spins over rooftops in a dizzy dance, sing Gloria!


                Em                                           Am                 

Bridge: Hear and hear, but do not understand

Em                               Am                                              

See and see again, do not perceive.

 Em                                 Am                Em          Am             Em

I will make this people’s heart fat, its ears dull, shut it eyes, Gloria!


    Em                                                       B7                               

3. A young girl with child shall be your sign;

C                                           A7                            

call him God with us; this is holy seed

        Em                                  B7                                             

And bring your colors to the shrine

 C                                  A7                      C      G

silver for spirit, for the body, green, sing Gloria!