Cuz Iím a Fool

words and music by Howard Kranz

I met you on a bus ride down to Pueblo.

For thirty miles we didnít say a word.

But I know you felt the tension in my elbow,

and you cleared the sweetest throat I ever heard.

But I didnít even speak, cause Iím a fool.

Cause my mental knees are weak, and Iím a fool.

I wish I hadgood cigar for every chance I blew

Iím a fool, Iím a fool, Iím a fool.


Then I saw you at the drug store, buying Tolkien.

Iídía swapped an arm to have a line to read.

But my brain just watched my motor nerves revolting

and my mouth felt full of dandelion seed.

And I didnít say hello, cause Iím a fool.

I only let you know that Iím a fool.

If I had wings Iíd probably stumble on my shoe,

Iím a fool, Iím a fool, Iím a fool.


We both were at a Woody Allen movie

So I sat beside you, just two rows behind.

I started moving toward you, but you saw me,

and you looked at me as if Iís out of my mind.


Sometimes stories have a happy ending.

Sometimes we only get what we deserve.

And still other times the song drags on forever

cause the hero never ever gets the nerve.

And my guitar is where I hide when Iím a fool.

You canít afford to have much pride when youíre a fool.

So Iím singing for your pity; please add fire to my fuel;

Iím a fool, Iím a fool, Iím a fool.