Doggietown(G2017)†††††††††† Jim Feldman ©2017


The first time I left Doggietown I said I would not be back
But leave the wrong way from a branch line town you wind up on a dead end track
Still it was good to get away for a bit and to breathe some fresher air
But there is something that keep on tugging me back to my home where
I am embraced by an unyielding tentacle, I acquiesce cause whatís out thereís identical
To my place in Doggietown,


Well, the next time I left Doggietown I swore, I swore I would not be back
Just one more little hill to climb, itís kinda hard on a slippery track
Maybe there is another way out than relying on old school trains
That cross a countless series of bridges, each one floods every time it rains
I really ought to try something new but thatís such a scary thing to do
So I hunker down in Doggietown

Well, now when I leave Doggietown I know Iím coming right back
Itís not like Iíve ever been away just sometimes my perception get out of whack
You know itís not really that bad here, one of those lies I tell myself
I can see a self-help manual perched high on a distant shelf
But there is one thing Iíve yet to try and that just to curl up and die
To get out of Doggietown.

Iím not ready to let my soul fly, so Iím gonna (I donít know) try
to get out of Doggietown