Donít Ruin Christmas

words and music ©1992 by Howard Ashby Kranz


††† C†† ††††††††††††††C††† †††††††††G†††††††† G7†† ††G†††††††††† G7†††††††††† C†††††††††† C

1. Keep those candles ††burning bright; tie those bows and ribbons tight,

C††††††††† †††††††C7††††††††F††††††††† F††††† ††††††G†††††††††††† G7†††C†††††† ††††††C

hang those stockings up just right, or else youíll ruin Christmas.


††† C†† ††††††††††††C††††† †††††G†††††† G7†† †††††††††††G†††††††††† ††G7††††††††† †††C††††† C

2. Christmas tableís neatly spread with meats and sweets and fancy breads

††††††††† C††††††††† ††††C7††† ††††††††F†††††† ††F†††††††††† G†††††††††††††† G7††††C†††††† ††††††C

donít bug Mom now; sheís on the edge, or else youíll ruin †††Christmas.

††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††† †††††††F†††††††† †††††F†††† C††††††††† C†††††††††††† G†††††††††† G7†† †††C†††† C7

Bridge 1: Christmas is a time of peace and joy and maybe even fun

†††† F†††† ††F†††††††††† C††††† Am†††††††††† D†††††††D†††††† G†††† ††G7††††††††

if inconsiderate little jerks donít mess it up for everyone.


††† C†† †††C†††† G†††† G7†† G†††† G7†† C††† C

3. Fa la la la la la la; ††††fa la la la la la la

C†††† C7†† F††††† F††††† G†††††††††† G7C†††††††††††† C

fa la la la la la la; fa la, donít ruin Christmas.


††††††††† ††††††††F†††††††† †††††F†††††††† C††††††††† ††††C††††††††† G††††††††† G7††††† C††††† C7

Bridge 2: Christmas really works just great if we each do our little bit

†† ††††F†††† ††††††††F††††††††† C†††† Am†††† D†††††††D†††††††††† G†††††† G7††††††††

and have the simple gratitude to act like weíre enjoying it.


††† C†† †††††††C†††††††††† G†††††††† G7†† †††††G†††††††††† G7†††† †††††C††††† C

3. Babyís eyes are full of dreams, toys and joys and Santa schemes,

C††††††††† †††††C7††††††††††††††† F††††††††† F††††† †††††††G†††††††††††††† G7†† C††††††††††††† C

She donít know; donít spill the beans, or else youíll ruin Christmas.