I know youíve been trying to sing your song,

but you canít fit the words to the theme.

Youíre doing everything youíre supposed to do,

but you still canít figure out what it means.

Now that youíve taken the course in the book,

maybe you should learn how to dream.


I hear that you hired a blue ribbon commission

to tell you to be who you are.

And since then youíre getting your RDA*

but you still canít get your MDR*.

Every time youíre getting even close

they tell you that youíre going too far.


Even before you wake up in the morning,

your throatís getting ready to scream.

Youíre chomping caffeine to bounce in your brain

just to keep up a full head of steam.

Youíre working to pay them to help you relax.

Maybe you should learn how to dream.


You sit in your study; youíre writing your memoirs

as your futureís beginning to gleam.

Youíre a real sharp shooter playing in goal

and you think itís for the good of the team.

Right now, Iím in an intensive course;

maybe we could learn how to dream.


* MDR = minimum daily requirement

* RDA = required daily allowance

Sometime in the seventies, cereal boxes stopped having MDRs of

vitamins on them and started having RDAs instead.I correctly

saw this as the beginning of everything going downhill.