Eddie’s Song

words & music by Howard Ashby Kranz


   F#m                                                C#m

1. At the Chinese Greasy Spoon just off the Judah line,

F#m                                 G#           C#7 - B7 - C#7

I got your fortune, Eddie; you got mine.

           F#m                                                 C#m

It was you who met the dark-eyed stranger, as fortune took its course

A                                                             C#7

And I received a gift of wisdom from an unexpected source.


                 Bm                                          F#m

Chorus 1:Eddie I miss your carefree air, I miss your careful song

Bm                                                               G#                C#7                     F#

Eddie I miss the realness we shared, Eddie you were right, and the world is wrong.


2. You would talk about your Michael; I’d speak of my Michelle.

We each had loved not wisely, but oh so well

But Michael’s life was teaching; he just couldn’t take the chance;

And Michelle, a brave and lovely dancer, lived in her own cryptic dance


                 Bm                                          F#

Chorus 2: You said: love doesn’t always know the rules.

Bm                                               F#

You said: most people are scared of their own stuff.

Bm                                        F#

They sanctify their fears; they bury their jewels,

G#                      C#7

But Jesus Christ, why won’t they let us love?

Chorus 1


3. Eddie, at your funeral, I saw Michael with Michelle.

We stood and blankly wondered how you fell.

Then Michael said, I’ve got to move on - I guess I have no choice

But first we listened to an old recording of your voice…

 Chorus 2


4. That night at the Owl & Monkey, Michelle broke me the news:

She said “I’ll always love you, but we have to choose.”

She told me: “We both need something the other cannot give;

We need a love that’s strong but safe, a love that helps us live.”

Chorus 1