Words and music copyright 2008 by Howard Ashby Kranz


A  F#m9   C#m  G   

 A                                      F#m9                       C#m                G   

1. Now the messengers of greed have set their rhythms in our ears

A                                       F#m9                C#m              E                                            

 And the desperates on the road invoke our pity and our fears

D                                E                          D                       E                                    

 When others have so little, and we are drowning in too much

D               A                 D    E7     A                                                  

 Giver of abundances, give us enough.


A  F#m9   C#m  G    

 A                                  F#m9                         C#m              G                                            

2. Now the ministers of scorn have shown the emptiness of all

A                                             F#m9                  C#m                         E                                            

 And have spread their hollow laughter that our lives should be so small

D                                           E        D                                         E                                     

 When our beauty has been clouded, and our voices have been hushed

D                 A               D    E7       A                                                  

 Giver of sufficiencies, give us enough.


              E7                                   D         E7             D                                     

Bridge:  When the vision of the day has faded into dusk

  E7                              D                    A                    E                                                  

And the time is barely left to us for doing what we must,


A  F#m9   C#m  G                                                                                                                 

     A                                     F#m9                       C#m                G                                            

3. When the wanting thing inside has strangled on its own demands

     A                                       F#m9              C#m                 E                                             

And the hungry ghosts that swarm around retreat with empty hands

D                                E                          D                       E                                    

When the works of time have passed away, and it all comes down to love

D               A                 D    E7     A                                                  

Giver of abundances, give us enough.


D    A     D    E7     A