Goofus and Gallant


Words and music copyright ©1982 by Howard Ashby Kranz


G                            C             G                   C                          G                     C                  G    C

1. Goofus eats his ice cream cone from the bottom and blows bubbles in his coke with a straw.

G          C                        G                   C                     G                  C                  G    C

Gallant chews his mixed vegetables thoroughly after showing his clean hands to Pa.

G                    C                               G                     C               G                C                  G    C

Goofus reads comic books, and in class he makes doodles of rocket ships going to the moon.                                                                                                              

G                    C                   G                              C                              G                        C       G    C

Gallant reads Kipling and “Adventures from the Bible,” and does his homework in the afternoon.


                G                    C                 G                   D

Chorus:  Get off of my getting on!  Get off of my getting on! 

  G               C              D        G                 D                                                             G   C   G    C        

Whoa, Get off of my getting on!  I could work it out if you’d leave me alone, oh yeah...


     G                     C               G                             C                   G                C                  G      C

2. Gallant knows Goofus has some kind of understanding with Debbie, the queen of the prom.

G                         C         G                 C                         G                            C             G    C

Gallant took her out to a candlelight dinner; she didn’t know where he was coming from.

G                          C                       G               C                       G              C               G    C

Debbie says she wants to be a Supreme Court justice, but she doesn’t believe in the law.

G                   C                      G                              C                    G       C                        G    C

Gallant lies awake nights; he knows he’s not supposed to have seen something that he saw.



                Bm                                                                          G

Bridge:  Papa took Goofus to a Christian psychiatrist who gave him a relaxant and a talk.

 Bm                                                                                            G

Mama knows Debbie’s still getting into no good though she watches her like a hawk.

Em                                                                                            G

Goofus tumbles in his good clothes in the back yard getting stains all over his knees.

C                                                                        D                          Dsus4                         G C G C

Gallant sits in the Good Citizens Club saying thank you, you’re welcome, and please.


             G                         C                     G                   C                     G                   C                  G    C

3. Now Gallant’s a sales analyst for the 3M Company; he’s got everything he can imagine he needs.

G                    C                       G                     C                       G               C             G    C

Goofus is a drummer working at the mattress factory,trying to kick a bad habit of weed.

G     -                   C                             G                     C                       G            C                  G      C

Debbie married Gallant, but she goes bowling every weeknight, and Goofus is in the same league.

G     -              C                       G                   C                    G                      C         G    C

Any of them could have done anything they wanted if you listeners would only believe.