Hey, I’m Dancing   words and music by Howard Ashby Kranz

                      G                                   A                                     D

1. It was the dance of the season; everyone who’s not stupid was there. 

                     G                         Bm                               E                                     A

The trouble there is, there was a lot more dancers than there was dance floor to share. 

              G                           A                              

So everybody was boogieing straight up and down,

                      Bm                                        G

and saying “Excuse me” and trying to dance small,


when one guy went berserk and his legs and his elbows

             A7                      D

started flying all over the hall, and he cried out:

               G                          A                           D

Chorus: Hey, everybody, get out of my way, I’m dancing. 

               G                          A                           D

              Hey, everybody, get out of my way, I’m dancing. 

                      G                                        A                                  D

2. The next morning at the bus stop I was waiting with the usual crowd,

           G                         Bm                                          E                                 A

when sweet old Wanda, who checks out at Walgreen’s, started humming to herself real loud. 

                  G                                           A                                                                

Then she started kind of rocking back and forth on her heels,

                      Bm                             G

and kind of shimmying out toward the street,

                                                A                                A7                    D

and the next thing I knew we were all ducking Wanda’s furiously flying feet, as she cried out:



                 G                            A                                      A7                                   D

Well, you know, old Wanda, she caused quite a scene; even Eyewitness News came to show it. 

                     G                       A                                      A7                                  D

There was a big old camera and a fancy reporter; they were broadcasting live and remote. 

                 G                        A                                                   A7                              D

They were talking about this strange new behavior that’s mysteriously sweeping the land,

              G                             A                                    A7                              D

but the viewers at home never did get to see it because just then the cameraman cried out:



                      G                      A                                D

So now the forces of law and of order are severely perplexed,

                          G                              Bm                            E                          A

because there’s no way of telling where this phenomenon is going to turn up next,

              G                          A                            Bm                                   G                                            

and the statisticians cannot find any pattern in how this thing is being repeated. 

                                                             A                      A7         D

So I guess we’d better join it, ‘cause you know it’s really hard to beat it.   So,