Words and Music © 2006 by Howard Ashby Kranz


A    F#m   D    Bm      E     A

                               A                                          F#m  

1. One young and lucid night, we watched the falling stars

                               D                                    Bm      E           A

streak through the crystal sky, glowing like all our joyous will.

                               A                                     F#m  

Backs pressed against the earth, facing the depths of sky,

                       D                                             Bm            E           A  

we paused to speak our souls; we told the dreams that we’d fulfill. 

 D                   E            E7                                  A           

We held our breath as we watched the falling stars;

Bm                                 E                     G                  A    

our thoughts soared in highest realms with the meteors. 


                               A                                          F#m  

2. Somehow the years spun by; late on another eve,

                               D                                    Bm      E           A

passing through our ragged backyard, once more we saw those Perseids flare.

                               A                                     F#m  

We had not saved the world; we were not blazing trails

                       D                                             Bm            E           A  

struggling in makeshift jobs, then it was hard to even care.

 D                   E            E7                                  A          

You said “It’s a strange thing to think of the falling stars,

Bm                             E                  G                       A    

how they seem like blazing suns; they’re just meteors.


                 F#m                                                D                                       E

Bridge: Fullness eludes us again and again; time’s been as true but as frail as a friend


And we’ve got so encumbered with tasks and expense

          D                                         E                 A             F#m  D   Bm  E   A

that mock our brave moments of innocence, meteors.


                               A                                          F#m  

3. Last night we walked again, watching the falling stars

                               D                                    Bm      E           A

streak toward a still sad world, dying like all those glorious dreams.

                               A                                     F#m  

I reached to grasp your hand; I searched to find your eyes:

                       D                                                       Bm             E             A  

your eyes sparked and shot like stars, waking the long night’s gathered gleams.

 D                        E           E7                     A          

In the flicker of darkness after the falling stars;

Bm                   E                     G                  A     F#m 

we blessed the ceaseless sparks of the meteors,

D                      E        G                          A

the timeless persistence of the meteors.