My Invisible Friend


If you should catch me talking to nobody there,

or smiling sweetly at the empty air,

donít be alarmed; itís just my invisible friend.


If Iím preoccupied please donít think Iím rude,

or if I take a double helping of food,

itís just a little caretaking for my invisible friend.


Weíve been together since I learned to sleep;

weíve been through dreams and denials,

weíve drudged and dozed.

We made a pact that I mean to keep:

we said ďLetís donít let goĒ and I wonít let go!


He doesnít listen to his other friends who say Iím not real.

He says itís all a matter of how you feel

and he sticks up for me, my invisible friend.


Heís seen me pissed off and heís seen me cry;

And he sticks up for me when I donít know how.

I wanted to leave him; I wanted to die;

He said: ďDo what you got to, but I would miss you, buddy.Ē


Now weíre gonna have a big party, invite all of you --

No one will know whatís going on except us two

But weíre quite used to that, me and my invisible friend.




words and music by Howard Kranz