A Real Sweet Guy


I think weíre a fine pair.I know you concur.

But how do I know this?What makes me so sure?

We should stick together; Iíve got two reasons why:

Youíre a wonderful woman, and Iím a real sweet guy.


Iíd characterize us as two people who know

a good thing when they see it, and wonít let it go.

Itís hard to be humble; you just canít deny

youíre a beautiful person, and Iím a real sweet guy.


You love me and I love you; you love you, I love me too

I wouldnít change us if we could.

Weíre too self-aware to pretend to false humility

and much too perceptive not to recognize that weíre good.


Iím a terrific songwriter; you crochet with grace.

We both cook superbly, and we both have good taste.

Iíd follow you anywhere; I think you know why:

youíre a fantastic lover, and Iím a real sweet guy.