Road to Bethlehem

Words and Music © 1993 by Howard Ashby Kranz

A   E  D  A D E A A A A

                    A                  E                     D              A  

1. Now that girl was too far gone to be out on the road

                 D               E                         A    E          

but those big cats in Rome just don’t care

                    A               E                 D                    A               F#m                   B7             E       E                                                               

And that unborn kid’s timing was awkward, but then that’s a fault that quite a few of us share.

               F#m       F#m         E           E                   F#m                   B7                E    E

And the father, if he was the father, appeared to be wayworn, but a firm, decent man,.

                 A               E                        D              A                      D    D      E  E       A     

trying to gracefully bear with all the forces that put him on the road      to Bethlehem.

    E  D  A D E A A A A

             A              E                         D              A  

2. Not too far behind them arrived three dignitaries,

             D                  E                    A    E           

dressed finely, with grand eastern trim

                    A                    E                        D                  A                                                                                

And, although they were rich, they looked almost more haggard

              F#m                   B7             E           E                  

than that poor start-up family had been.

               F#m               F#m             E                  E                       F#m                   B7           E E

When I served one, his eyes lit with deep hidden hope, like he’d known but never thought until                                                                                                                                                  then,

                 A               E                            D              A          D  D     E  E     A      A A A

that the road to his star’s end might turn out to be only the road to Bethlehem.

                                E               E7                   D                      A                                                                  

Bridge: Now you hear lots of talk that some new world’s arriving

         E                            E7                       D                 A

This old one’s showing cracks like some old misused wineskin.

                F#m              F#m                 B7                      B7      

And I’ve got a strange sense that this whole world’s surviving

        E                    D                            C#m             Bm            D  D  D  D     E   E E7 E7

depends on those mad kings, and that poor family driving the road to Bethlehem..

              A             E                     D                 A                   D                          E                 A    E          

3. Now I’m just a servant, but I meet lots of travelers, so I know this world’s bigger than me

              A                     E                  D               A                                                                                

I know some read the future in the stars, or in strange books

       F#m                         B7                   E             E                

that tell them where the new thing will be.

          F#m              F#m      E                        E                F#m                   B7                E  E

And some hear the call of a bright wayside angel, that’ll tell them where hope will begin

      A                   E                   D                    A                   D   D    E E       A   E  D  A D E A

but I just watch people, and I dream and consider, by the road   to Bethlehem.