Saints & Soldiers

words and music copyright 1991 by Howard Ashby Kranz

D  A                          G     A           D             A          G             A         D

   Bless the wounded healer, Amatea; bless the beating heart & the pulsing vein,

A                          G       A         D             A              G               G

Bless the souls departed, Amatea; bless the living souls that remain.

D             A            G     A            D            A       G          A        D

Bless the saints and soldiers, Amatea, bless the general and the protestor

 A                     G     A           D                                A

Fill us with thy peace, Amatea; give us strength if we must have war.

                      G                             A

Bless and glorify the houses on the shore,

                             F#                               Bm

the spaces that we build to hold us safe within.

                                   G                                        A

Speed the thought that moves the hand toward the door

                       Bm                                A

that opens out into the freshening filling wind.

D               A              G        A           D           A       G                A            D

  Bless the wandering stranger, Amatea; heal our enemy; help us to know our friend.

A                 G     A          D                            A

Fill and satisfy us, Amatea; give us hunger that never ends.

                      G                             A

Bless and glorify the many twisting roads

                             F#                        Bm

that lead into the world or into the unknown.

                             G                                   A

Guide the feet that step, hold the hands that steer,

                               Bm                                 A

guard the blade that cuts to clear the pathway home.

D             A           G                A          D             A       G             A         D

  Bless all firm and fragile things, Amatea, bless the radiant and the reflected light

A                              G           A            D                              A

Bless our songs and searchings, Amatea.  May we be pleasing in your sight.