Shining the Christmas Star

words and music copyright ©2009 by Howard Ashby Kranz


D G                                 D                   G                                        D                

1. Mama’s hanging the stockings up; Ginny hangs each peace of tinsel with love.

A                            G                                                     D                

Dad wipes a bit of dust with his cuff; he’s shining the Christmas star,

         G                A               D            

he’s shining the Christmas star.

D G                                       D                      G                                           D        G-D

2. Tim prays to Santa to remember the poor; Jody’s off marching for an end to war

A                                            G                                                     D                

Great Aunt Lucy’s working late at the store; she’s shining their Christmas stars,

           G                 A               D            

she’s shining their Christmas stars,

                A                  G     D    A                               G       D

Bridge: Vigil candles in a row;  light one flame for every soul

G                                      D                         G                                D

on crystal surfaces they glimmer and glow; they’re shining like Christmas stars,

              G                 A                D                             

they’re shining like Christmas stars.


D G                             D              G                                             D                 G-D

3. Just outside in the gentle snow, a funny drunk they just call Uncle Joe

A                                                    G                                                        D                

lies dreaming beneath a glowing store window; he’s been shining that Christmas star,

         G                 A               D            

been shining that Christmas star.


D G                                            D             G                                    D                 G-D

4. Dad stows the box with the extra lights, and one stocking still folded inside,

A                                 G                        A                                                      G                

Mama prays into the dark deep night:  Dear Lord, help all the souls who travel tonight;

         G                    D                               G                   A               D            

keep shining their Christmas stars; keep shining their Christmas stars.

                  A                G          D    A                                         G       D

Bridge 2: O, and you did it to me each time you did it to the least of these

G                                D               G                                D

candles flicker in the holy breeze; it’s shining - the Christmas star!

       G                   A              D                             

it’s shining - the Christmas star!