words and music copyright ©1972 by Howard Ashby Kranz


“Even singing is better than doing nothing.”

                                                -John Ono Lennon



 G                   G7             G6                                                

I want to be a minister, a healer at the spring

G                         G7             G6                                                

I want to be the soldier who makes the bells to ring

 G                         G7             G6                                                

and I want to be with you, I have nothing to bring

D                                         G

and so I am a singer, and I sing.


G                                         G7             G6                                                

Downtown I watched the wreckers, I saw a building fall

G                               G7               G6                                                

There was a man so lonely, stood by me, by the wall

 G                 G7              G6                                                

I cannot be a gatherer; I know no words to call

  D                                                 G

and therefore I’m a singer, that is all.