To a Donor

words and music copyright ©1974, 2011 by Howard Ashby Kranz


D                            G                 D                                     A

I badly need some new eyes; been using these eyes too long

D                                    G                              D   

They’re only good for seeing what they’ve seen

D                            G                 D                           A

I badly need some good news; no news is getting bad

D                                    G                       D   

No one around here can tell me what I mean.

          A                    G                       D   

With you I see so clearly, beyond sight.

          A                    G                 F#                G

Without you, I just live into the old familiar frames

D                    G                 D                                     A

I badly need a new heart; old heart’s been beating hard,

D                            F#                 F#7                G

So long and steady it don’t even know if it’s alive,

D                 A                          G          A

And I need your blood to survive.


D                                              G   D                               A

The light that shines in your eyes, I can feel it glow in me

D                                G                             D   

And I would love to give back what you gave

D                            G         D                                  A

You see how I am gasping like a slack sail in the wind

D                                      G                    D   

When we could both be riding on that wave

 A                              G                           D   

With you I live in richly emblazoned light

 A                                   G                   F#                   G

Without you there’s no focus, and it’s all about the same.

D                       G                                  D                       A

I badly need to be in love,  but you’ve been so hard to find

D                                  F#                        F#7                              G

And you could flow in all my veins, and with one breath we’d breathe

D                    A                     G      A     D    G   D

And I’d love your skin over me.