Your Dancing Eyes


Words and music copyright by Howard Ashby Kranz


                        E                                                  A           E

1. When your smartass look took me from my center of focus,

E                                                                       B7

I felt light as a seabird; I was sailing through skies

                 E                                   A                E

filled with as many rainbows as I had time to notice,

       E                             B7                 E

but all I remember was your dancing eyes.


                    E                                     A                   E

2. Well we talked about God and we talked about business

E                                                                       B7

You disarmed me right down to my truest disguise

             E                                  A              E

Was it drink, was it music that left me so witless?

           E                             B7                 E

it just felt like a fire lit by your dancing eyes/


                      A                B7            E               A

Bridge:  And I was with you for a moment or so,

              F#                                   A             B7

long enough to learn one thing I needed to know.


        E                                    A                  E

3. I guess that this had to be more than flirtation

E                                                               B7

I now carry with me a new sense of surprise

        E                                           A                E

as if all my lights shimmer with new illumination

       E                                     B7                 E

as if I were looking through your dancing eyes.