Everybody's Moon


words and music copyright ©1978 by Howard Ashby Kranz



 C              G                 Am                             F                C                  G        G7

Shine on, everybody's moon, up everybody's sky, down everybody's heart

 C              G                 Am                                        F             C                       G        G7

Shine on everybody's dreams, no matter where they fly watch over what they start

 F                              G                                           E                                     F

Dry up everybody's tears, you know, no one else can, and somebody ought to

C                          G                          F                  G                    C

Kind of work on keeping things together till we figure what to do.


    C                  G              Am                                                 F                   G             C       G 

1. Everybody's got a lot of thinking to do these days; there's just so many hours in a day.

    C               G              Am                                              F                  C                      G    G7

Everybody's got a lot of working to do these days, and a lot of people standing in the way.

 F                                                    G                                           E                                  F

And moon, you know, I just can't take it, so here I'm scratching out one more lunatic tune

C                        G                       F                        G                 C

Cause time and things belong to no one, but it's everybody's moon.




    C            G               Am                                       F                     G                   C     G 

2. Nobody gets a lot of feedback, just recently, and I'm not giving or expecting help.

C                 G                 Am                                         F                         C                  G  G7

No one can seem to get together to work it out, so you see I'm speaking only for myself.

F                                             G                                            E                                         F

It's so hard to get on the right wavelength, but I will find a way to reach my neighbor soon.

C                         G                          F                        G                 C

I'm not sure how much we have in common, but it's everybody's moon.




                 G           G7                    F     G   C

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