Every Somethin’ needs some Nothin       Jim Feldman 2005

Based on Lao Tzu #11


Intro: D7     C7    G7    D7


     G                                         C7

1. Thirty sturdy spokes let the big wheel keep its round

         G                                                       G7

They meet right at the hub some pointin’ up and some down

                C7                             C7                                          G7      G7

If there’s no hole for an axle      that wheel just won’t go around

                        D7                         C7                                G7           D7

You need that little bit of nothing to get around this old town


2.  A potter molds some clay and makes a pot outta brown

Soon that simple shape becomes the talk of the town

If there’s no space in the center  then throw that pot right back down

You need the little piece of nothin’ to carry water around.



Stop Time 3. Now well built wall can be as strong as it can be


And four with a roof will keep you warm and comfy


You need a hole for a door or you just won’t be free


And leave some space for windows to live comfortably

       C7    C7                            G7      G7

Oh, yeah  that nothin sets you free

                   D7                                                                C7                                G7           D7

It’s always nothin’ to go with somethin’ that lets the somethin’ be what it can be


Bass Solo (as verse 1)


4. Now many people say you got to possess lots of stuff

But you can not forget about the things you can’t touch

Without love, peace & joy    you know your life would be rough

It’s the things that weigh nothin   that let’s you enjoy your stuff


Stop Time: 5. Now when your baby says you got nothin’ between your ears

And that you’ve been good for nothin  for oh so many years

You say “my nothin’s good for you    and it’s the worst of all your fears

cause all the stuff that you’ve been buying all it’s done is brought your tears

Oh yeah  you need to shift your gears”

And get some nothin’ in your life to match the stuff that you’ve gathered for years.

It’s the clever use of nothin’ that lifts the wise one from his peers.