Ironic Idealism

Howard Ashby Kranz

Jim Feldman


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Howard Kranz and Jim Feldman

Hey, I'm Dancing
Tax Cut Blues aka Fiscal Policy Blues
Dinosaur's Dream
Bad Guys A song of righteous indignation.
Susie Baker
Rock n Roll Demon This really happened.

Howard Kranz and Jim Feldman
Twenty Years!

An Aniversary Album of Love Songs from Howard to Mary
Plus some songs from Jim to Lulu
Your Dancing Eyes
The Negotiator
Except for You
I Choose You A great wedding song!
Grow Old with Me
The Web

Howard Kranz and Jim Feldman
Hoji Christmas

Currency Carol
Don't Ruin Christmas
First Night of Life
Road to Bethlehem
Santa Santa Claus

Howard Kranz and Jim Feldman
Through the Cat's Eye

Only Love
Living on Mars
Precious Springtime
My Short Life The wisdom of Gerry Bretzke facing terminal illness.
Personal Afterlife My musings on post-death experience.
Tomorrrow's Light
Cat's Eye Three scenes from the life of a woman who sees things.

Howard Kranz with Jim Feldman
Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices
Autumn Light
Rocket Science
I'd Be That Meadow
Eddie's Song
God Is Whatever

At the Edge of the World
Nate Bucklin, lead guitar, bass and harmony vocals
Louie Bucklin, harmony vocals; Jeff Schalles, drums
At the Edge of the World Gary Schulte, violin
Space Pigeons
Heart of My Heart Paul Holte, harmony vocal
Hey! I'm Dancing Gary Schulte, violin
The Clouds Are Dry Gary Schulte, violin
Steadfast Stranger

The Blowfish Writhes
Vick Johnson, lead guitar, bass, mandeludo and harmony vocals
Thinking Ghosts (Cooper Street) harmonies by Vick Johnson and Trish Hurd
When Sally Laughs
Dykes of Las Vegas
The Fellow Who Knows How to Waltz Gary Schulte, violin; Jim McCreary, accordion
Cat's Eye Jeff Victor, keyboard
Everybody's Moon with the Kranzendental Chorus

Music from the Guts of Space
I Love Myself with the Walker Singers
Living on Mars Karl Jones, harmony and mouth solo
My Invisible Friend with Paul Holte and Karl Jones; Gary Schulte, violin
According to Zeke with Paul Holte and Karl Jones; Gary Schulte, violin
Gentle People with Paul Holte and Karl Jones; Gary Schulte, violin
I'm Sorry for Being a Jerk with the Walker Singers

Live at Toad Hall
Paul Holte, harmony vocals and guitar
Big Bang
Junkman Haul Away My Heart
Surrogate Mama
People Think I'm a Flake
Precious Springtime

Howard Ashby Kranz Sings Where He Lives
recorded live in 1984 by Sue Pidany on her Aiwa CS250
at 3521 Nicollet in Minneapolis
Everybody Else Is Weird
Home Brew
Sleeeping with You
A Couple of Goners
You're a Minnesota Dog Now
Goofus and Gallant