Ironic Idealism

Howard Ashby Kranz

Jim Feldman


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Ironic Idealism is the belief that every truth contains its opposite, and that this is a good thing. 


Ironic Idealism resists the tendency of ironic thought to become cynical, and rejoices in the ambiguity within the relation of human life to goodness.


Ironic Idealism is a philosophy of meta-skepticism.  Skepticism holds that truth is reached  through doubt.  Meta-skepticism accepts this, but goes beyond to question the primacy of doubt: doubt is useful and powerful, but is doubt alone enough to reach understanding and live a good life?   I suspect not. 


The key term of  Ironic Idealism is yes-but.  But the yes-but always contains a no-but, and so forth. 


It’s hard to write about ironic idealism because every thought goes off into two tangents.


My expression of ironic idealism is dualistic, but that’s a simplification: really every truth contains a continuum of myriads of opposites, and so forth.


Note: it should be called Idealistic Ironism - but then that’s the point.