Ironic Idealism

Howard Ashby Kranz

Jim Feldman


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Howard's music is meant to be played and sung all the world over. Permission is granted for anyone to perform this music in public or private settings, but please contact Howard to let him know who you are and what you're doing. Note that the songs as listed below are not necessarily the same arrangements as used on CD's or in live performance.

If you want lyrics for a particular CD, click here so see the songs arranged by CD.

According to Zeke
All This Childish Love
All Whine Together
And Luck
Another Me
At the Edge of the World
Autumn Light
Bad Guys
Below Casa Pacifica
Best of Us
Beyond Me and You
Big Bang
Brand New World
Bye Bye Jesus
Cat's Eye
Cheap Shots at Heavenly Bodies
The Clouds Are Dry
Cooper Street
A Couple of Goners
Currency Carol
Cuz I'm a Fool
Daily Courage
Daniel Mateo
Dinosaur's Dream
Don't Ruin Christmas
Down at the Fork
Dream Theme
Dykes of Las Vegas
Eddie's Song
Everybody Else Is Weird
Everybody's Moon
Every Somethin' Needs Some Nothin'
Except for You
The Fellow Who Knows How to Waltz
First Night of Life
Fiscal Policy Blues
Forty Ahead
F Sharp
Getaway Day
Gentle People
Getaway Day
Getcher Red Hot Ideas (Flying Machine)
God Is Whatever
Goofus and Gallant
Great Art
Greenhouse Payments
Grow Old With Me
Hard to Be Human
Hearing Voices
Heart of My Heart
Hey I'm Dancing
Holy Smoke
Home Brew
Home to Roost
House of Fun
I Believe in the Gospel
I Choose You
I Love Myself
I'd Be That Meadow
I'm Sorry for Being a Jerk
Ignorance Is Large
Inside the Darkness
In the Depths
It Is Just the Way It Is
Jabez Jones
Job Creator
Junkman, Haul Away My Heart
Just Another Day
Just Let It Slide (Procrastinator's Lullaby)
Kyrie for Philomena
Living On Mars
Look at the Light
Middle Class Tax Cut Blues
Ms Deity
My Invisible Friend
My Short Life
My Soul Rises Still
My Wabash Blues
Not in Denial
Nother Penny in My Pony
Only Love
Penny in My Pony
People Think I'm a Flake
Personal Afterlife
Photographs of Grace
Precious Springtime
Procrastinator's Lullaby
A Real Sweet Guy
Road to Bethlehem
Rock n Roll Demon
Rocket Science
The Root
Saints and Soldiers
Santa Santa Claus
She's a Negotiator
Shining the Christmas Star
Sitter's Reel
Sleeping With You
Someone Else
Space Pigeons
Stan's Song
Steadfast Stranger
Strange Angels
Surrogate Mama
Susie Baker
Tell Me the Story
Thinking Ghosts (Cooper Street)
Those Gay Guys
To a Donor
Tomorrow's Light
Until You Sang It
Wabash Blues
Wealth and the Wanting
The Web
When Sally Laughs
You Brought Me Home
You Help Me to Believe
You're a Minnesota Dog Now
You're Gonna Reject Me
Your Dancing Eyes